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Farm InsuranceWhen you own a farm, you live where you work. Cut and dry, farm insurance is a cross between home insurance and business insurance. Since each of these comes with its own set of rules, farm insurance requires a certain degree a customization to best accommodate the needs of the policyholder. Realizing this need, the agents at Wilson Insurance Agency make it a priority to assess the property in full to determine the most practical route.

While liability is always an option, it does not suite the needs of most farm and ranch owners. We recommend our commercial customers review all their options before making an educated decision. Starting with a standard policy, Wilson Insurance agents will suggest a personalized plan with broader coverage only if they believe it is the most beneficial option for the customer.

Personal Property

When it comes to personal property, we provide our clients top-of-the-line insurance protection on possessions essential to operations. From machinery and equipment to farm products and livestock, Wilson Insurance Agency has you covered.
Depending on the purpose they serve, it may be sensible to secure coverage for livestock. Most policies cover basic dangers such as injury, sickness, disease, death and theft. In addition, we have many extended policies available for recovery from natural disasters and other catastrophes. Some of this extended coverage may include attack by wild animals, accidental shooting and train or car wrecks.

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Farm InsuranceEnsure your barn is covered by more than just the roof. Call (309) 364-2342 today to learn more about how farm insurance can protect your property. If you prefer, stop in for a cup of coffee anytime! Our office is located at 329 Edward St. in downtown Henry, IL. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form to request a quote online.

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