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Auto InsuranceWhether you are an experienced driver or a concerned father, looking to get his teenage daughter on the road, Wilson Insurance Agency has your auto insurance needs at heart. Our agents are parents, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters too. We take these things into consideration when choosing a policy to best suite the needs of you and your loved ones. This means high limits, low deductibles and coverage to keep you secure after an accident.

At Wilson Insurance Agency, we strongly recognize the fact that accidents are called accidents because they aren’t planned. Our core values of service and friendliness make us the perfect candidate for a life-long car insurance partnership. Let us help you plan for the unplanned.

Hassle-free Claims

Nobody enjoys calling their auto insurance company after a wreck. Unfortunately, many must wonder if all the money they’ve shelled out with years of good driving will really be available when they need it. At Wilson Insurance Agency, the answer is yes. Instead of directing our clients in circles, we point them to our devoted claims agents, Rita and Connie. These seasoned agents have managed claims for over 60 years combined and they will do everything in their power to make the undesirable claims process a stress-free and satisfying one. While we hope you never have to make that call, we’ll be here when you do.

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Auto InsuranceIf you are looking for a local, dependable car insurance company, call (309) 364-2342 today to speak with one of the qualified agents at Wilson Insurance Agency. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form to request a quote online or stop in for a cup of coffee anytime! Our office is located at 329 Edward St. in downtown Henry, IL.

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