Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

For Auto Insurance You Can Trust, Choose Wilson Insurance Agency

Of course, car insurance is a legal requirement in most states. Having adequate coverage will protect you and your car if you’re involved in an accident. Choose Wilson Insurance Agency in order to secure a wide range of auto insurance coverage designed to fit your budget and needs. The type you get will depend on the type of coverage you want, the type of car you have, how old you are (teens will need more coverage, usually) and how much you can reasonably afford. Wilson Insurance Agency, founded by Charles Wilson in 1960, prides itself on affordable rates and quality insurance coverage for our clients. Highlighted by exceptional customer service, you will always be greeted with a friendly smile and knowledgeable representatives. Located right in downtown Henry, we service all the surrounding areas, including Chillicothe and Princeton. For auto insurance you can trust, choose Wilson Insurance Agency.

Why You Need Auto Insurance

There are many reasons why drivers of all ages need auto insurance. These are a few:

Auto Insurance
  • To comply with state law. You can get extensive coverage for many line items, but at a minimum, you must have liability coverage with bodily injury and property damage limits. Liability coverage will pay for the other person’s losses should you cause an accident that results in their injury or damage to their property.
  • Loan or lease requirements. Most lenders will not let you finance or lease your vehicle without sufficient insurance. This includes collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • Financial protection. When you cause a car accident, you are responsible for any costs that come with it. These can include legal fees, repair costs, medical bills and lost income. You need liability coverage in order to offset those costs.
  • Protection for yourself and your passengers!


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To get quotes on our auto insurance rates and policies, call Wilson Insurance Agency at 309-364-2342. Or, feel free to request a quote online from the best insurance company in the area.

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